Instant Green uses materials and production techniques beyond industry standard to produce quality plants that not only provide instant impact, but also withstand the rigours of any landscaping environment.

Instant Green provides quality plants to landscape developers and contractors, local councils and wholesale and retail nurseries. We can contract grow your plants or provide immediate supply and assist with quotes for tender. To meet the needs of our clients, we also grow a select range of the Ozbreed cultivars. We do not sell to the general public.

The proof is in the planting! Developers for the new wing of the Brisbane Convention Centre, Hamilton Harbour, the Eastern Busway, schools including Anglican Church Grammar and All Hallows’ School, as well as private residences up and down the east coast of Australia have all used Instant Green for instant impact.

At Instant Green our passion is plants. Our team, including experienced horticulturists, not only nurture quality plants but can also provide quality advice on how to add immediate impact to your project and keep it beautifully maintained.

Instant Green Nursery is a production wholesale nursery. It is not a retail nursery and therefore not open to the general public.